Thursday, 20 December 2012


We will be closed December 24th through the 28th, as well as January 1st. Happy holidays to everyone and here's to another great year! :)
-Andy W


New Prints and a New Site

Saturday, 08 December 2012

CMYK print + Neon orange + Metallic Gold on French Paper Muscletone
Hella Crisis - (more on this soon)

Black and White print of Sacha's drawing on French Paper Construction Charcoal Brown
Sacha Twarog

Waterbased black on Liberty Bags tote, for Eddie in Pencil Factory
Eddie Martinez

Two color water based print on American Apparel 2001

3 Color print on American Apparel 2001 for BAM
BAM - Dance Africa

Opaque white lacquer on leather wallets for Hickoree's
Maxx & Unicorn Co.

Dexter design by Christopher Ott, 4 Color print on French Paper Smart White
Christopher Ott

Waterbased Bright red on American Apparel 2001

1 Color Halftone, water based black on American Apparel.  Design by yours truly.
Studio B

Black waterbased ink printed on the inside of the shirt with orange Tigerwood outside.

Shirts for Chef Daniel's Foodball team

Momofuku Milk bar onesies, waterbased custom pink.
Milk Bar Onesies

Two color prints on BagEdge totes for Wild Bird Fund
Wild Bird Fund

Teal Plasticharge print for Wonderbreed

Plasticharge red on Alternative Apparel EcoHeather
Project H

Black ink on American Apparel TriBlend TR401

Camo is Dead

As the Music Dies


I know the site looks pretty much the same but the core is all new and should now be easier to update, look better on mobile phones and tablets, and play nice with facebook and twitter.  If anything is broken please let me know -->  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Litmus Press Bandana

Wednesday, 02 May 2012


Some nice details in this one. Click for larger images.


Tuesday, 06 March 2012

Jeremy Lin shirt - click for detail

Designed by Jeff Zhang and available here.
One of the nicest Jeremy Lin shirt designs I've seen and we were happy to print it. The NY Times assembled some more designs here:



But she did want these bags made with her kid's shoes hanging from them, just like they would from any respectable Brooklyn power line. The pictures of her kid's shoes weren't hanging just right but we had Chris's busted Adidas which worked out.


Some other semi-recent prints:

Kurt Vile
Kurt Vile

Future Legend - Waterbased white discharge with silver foil
Future Legend

Van Leeuwen - clear discharge ink on Alternative Apparel
Van Leeuwen

Van Leeuwen
Van Leeuwen

Frightened Rabbit
Frightened Rabbit

Pentatonic Guitars
Pentatonic Guitars


Otherlife Oversized print with waterbased inks

Twin Sister
Twin Sister

MacDonald Soccer Jersey
Jamie MacDonald

Oh My Rockness
Oh My Rockness

In Ya Ear NYC
In Ya Ear NYC

Apologies for the lack of updates lately but we have been super super busy and are actively looking to expand our capabilities, equipment, and hire more staff. This place looked promising and with its 46' ceilings we could print extremely large T-shirts.


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