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Sunday, 16 January 2011


Box & Flea

Bruno Mars

Kings Destroy

Lucky Dragons

Momofuku Milk Bar

BAM - Next Wave

Shawn R.



Tommy Hilfiger


Local Smoke

Make the Road NY

Tommy Hilfiger


Nick Z. - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Sadie L. - Growing



Led Zeppelin Posters

Monday, 03 January 2011

Metallic Silver (hard to photograph) and red on French Paper Black Licorice. Small runs of 25 each used in a business pitch to the band, so unfortunately not for sale.

The original design was inverted with mostly red on black. We printed it this way but it just didn't look right so we called the client and fixed it. Sometimes we use our brains.

DSC 0001aB

We recently discovered we can run 100# French Paper cover stock through our photo plotter and have been checking out what it can do. I put together this set of Pantones in Illustrator and the result is not too shabby... the ink doesn't pop like a screenprinted poster but I didn't have to burn 1,081 screens either.


Joel's print on Speckletone White

The Shirt Wrangler

and is pretty good at it too...
Black on Black Licorice with metallic gold.

Silver Swirl and Black on Banana Split (all French Paper ). Pick them up at Brouwerij Lane

Do we print newspapers? uh yes.

Saturday, 20 November 2010


These were pages from Jay Z's new book that were objects of a scavenger hunt / new media campaign. Pages were placed on just about everything... pool tables, dinner plates, a punching bag, pizza boxes, the bottom of a swimming pool, fish n' chips, and lots of good ol' billboards. Kudos to whatever marketing department created this beast and convinced fans to actually go out and search for their advertisements. Check it out here -->

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