I would link to his drawing blog if I knew where it was or that it actually exists.

I remembered this fact yesterday when a project I managed for over a year was finally photographed. We drew just about everything in this place down to 1/32 of an inch and the level of craft was about as high as I believe possible. So yeah, I like details.
I would usually like to mention the client and the office where I worked but I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be posting these images at all so... fair use right?

Box & Flea

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Need to mention a collaboration I've been working pretty hard on lately with longtime friend Jeremy aka 'The Heat' of Tacklebox. This past winter we somehow decided our shared upbringing amongst tractors and forest-bound-boats was the perfect foundation for a fashion accessory line.

We started with these prints on totes:

Jeremy curing an early test print. Ties are optional but recommended when screen printing.

I look like I am doing something incorrectly here.

Here are some hopeful bandana candidates. We have developed and printed about 10 of these and are currently working on a tool tote, ties, and leather items.

So all in all it's been a welcome outlet for two architect's creative surplus, a great way to take advantage of the resources of the studio, and a great testing ground for perfecting new processes. Stay tuned for more and check us out at Smith + Butler.

Good for you camera. Now please take regular pictures.


Thursday, 02 April 2009

Fleaheart is now an incorporated business entity. If you're not into that bit of professionalism and usefulness there is also Twitter, the opposite of professionalism and usefulness.

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