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Recentishish Prints

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Thursday, 27 July 2017 19:33

Recentish Prints

DSC 0184-cheers
Greenpoint Beer & Ale Tote

DSC 0179-bamnw16
BAM - Next Wave Dip Dye Gradient

DSC 0028-leph
Leph Republique

DSC 0105-bowie
Bowie Shirt RIP

DSC 0531-jethro
Jeremyville - Jethro

DSC 0533-001-pinkjethro
Jeremyville - Jethro Kids

DSC 0430-mattrae
Tangiers Blues Band

DSC 0545-windbreaker

DSC 0011-vanl
Van Leeuwen

DSC 0519-pride
Gilt - Pride

DSC 0528-bamcinemafest
Bam Cinemafest

DSC 0350-dog
A dog

DSC 0437-us
US Means All of US

DSC 0288-sunshine
Jeremyville - Sunshine Tote

DSC 0016-lzp

DSC 0241-space
YT Spaces

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Tuesday, 04 February 2014 22:41

Four Posters for Lucius

Lucius 1

Cat Lady Poster
Design by Nate Duval
Music Hall of Williamsburg - August 14th, 2013

Lucius 2 Lucius 3

Album Cover Poster
Art by Evelyne Axell

Winter Tour 2013
Design By LeFox
CMYK + Metallic Silver


 Lucius 4

Bowery Ballroom 2013 Poster
Design by Sam Alden
Bowery Ballroom - December 7th & 8th, 2013
Hot Pink and Metallic Silver on French Paper Construction Blacktop


Always excited to see a new Lucius poster come our way.  Consistently beautiful designs and often a technical challenge to pull off but well worth it for an exceptionally talented Brooklyn Band.


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Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:00

There is still a sun... I think

Ben's wayfarer prints and pillowcases are back and available here.

We're in the heart of some cold grey days but had these recent bright prints to help compensate.  

Chris P. printing tirelessly.

1-color print with Nylobond additive on Baby Baggu Electric Poppy
Baggu Bags for Topos.

Annual Report Cover with custom gradient blend


Cover stock for Topos, print on French Paper Smart White 110#. Split fountain, rainbow roll, custom blend, whatever you call it. It's not the end of the world after all (evidently).


Rockaway Beach

 Rockaway Beach surf prints designed by Joeseph Pfeifer and part of a fundraiser for Sandy relief.


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Saturday, 08 December 2012 23:04

New Prints and a New Site

CMYK print + Neon orange + Metallic Gold on French Paper Muscletone
Hella Crisis - (more on this soon)

Black and White print of Sacha's drawing on French Paper Construction Charcoal Brown
Sacha Twarog

Waterbased black on Liberty Bags tote, for Eddie in Pencil Factory
Eddie Martinez

Two color water based print on American Apparel 2001

3 Color print on American Apparel 2001 for BAM
BAM - Dance Africa

Opaque white lacquer on leather wallets for Hickoree's
Maxx & Unicorn Co.

Dexter design by Christopher Ott, 4 Color print on French Paper Smart White
Christopher Ott

Waterbased Bright red on American Apparel 2001

1 Color Halftone, water based black on American Apparel.  Design by yours truly.
Studio B

Black waterbased ink printed on the inside of the shirt with orange Tigerwood outside.

Shirts for Chef Daniel's Foodball team

Momofuku Milk bar onesies, waterbased custom pink.
Milk Bar Onesies

Two color prints on BagEdge totes for Wild Bird Fund
Wild Bird Fund

Teal Plasticharge print for Wonderbreed

Plasticharge red on Alternative Apparel EcoHeather
Project H

Black ink on American Apparel TriBlend TR401

Camo is Dead

As the Music Dies


I know the site looks pretty much the same but the core is all new and should now be easier to update, look better on mobile phones and tablets, and play nice with facebook and twitter.  If anything is broken please let me know -->  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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Wednesday, 22 October 2008 23:11


gold-gradient-mesh zps2030240b

An experiment with a 4-color process poster, (3 colors really). Evidently I picked a nearly impossible image for this one since it's just a shadowy thing I made in illustrator. Even though it came out crappy I learned a lot of 'what-not-to-dos'. I was actually trying to flash in between colors, which is an example of my brain being in t-shirt mode. I was also using 110 mesh which is way too low to hold this much detail and the screens weren't set up perfectly. i have another process print experiment in the works so no worries.

IMG 4398 zps8ff49fdf

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Wednesday, 28 January 2009 22:53

Object T - Screen printed pocket door

I guess technically this door doesn't 'pocket' but I don't know what else to call it... A 'sliding door' is what you use to get to the backyard.
Anyway, Lidia Stonemate Alessandro of Make Design wanted to print this enormous bathroom door for a client's apartment renovation. We vectorized these reedy things which I think are goldenrod and after a couple tests (see the bottom of the gallery page) decided on a really subtle silver on white print. We picked the 5000 pound door up at San's shop in Third Ward and the thing barely fit in Buck. We were nearly crushed to death but we got it here. The printing went pretty smoothly, which almost never happens, and after a few color tests we had it finished and ready for the trip back for a final protective clearcoat.

Since we had a huge screen sitting around we made my darkroom door into a pink evil twin. It weighs about 5 pounds.


and here are some final photos of the finished project which i think is really impressive. Ian and Alessandro did a beautiful job and i like how it came out sophisticated and unique but still kind of punk. These photos were taken by the clients, Joel Barhamand and Ashley Macknica, who live in the apartment so kudos on a great job photographing your own place. (they are both pros, btw)

this was actually one of those rare occasions when everything goes according to plan and makes you want to print more stuff like that. i think kitchen cabinets would be a good candidate and maybe some kind of a decorative paneling system. i can also print fleas on your sofa.

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Sunday, 08 February 2009 22:52

Cleanup Rag T-Shirt

On sale now, this custom one-of-a-kind, 4-sided all-over print.. Only $630.

Do not wear shirt. May cause rash.


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Sunday, 22 February 2009 22:40

CCTV Hotel Fire Bandana

Not really sure why I made this but I needed to use up some left over Formusol and I'm always trying to squeeze detail out of processes that don't cooperate. The images of this fire were very 'affecting'. I put that in quotes. The whole building was just exploding in this spectacular fireball and the combination of Koolhaas and destructikation had something inevitable / irresistible to it. I hope Rem casts the charred remains in clear concrete.

The film took some hacking up as you can see but I had to work with my limitations on this one to not make the seams ruin it. It came out better with the seams.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2009 22:37

J*Davey Shirts

Yego designed this for MJ's friends J*Davey.

i wish my face looked good all huge on a shirt like that. it doesn't tho.

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